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Required information for your order

We can help you the best if you provide us with the following information:
  • Which product do you need?
  • Where do you need the product?
  • From when and how long do you need the product?
  • Do you want delivery to your location or do you pick it up in person?
Please also let us know your height and body weight, as this can be helpful information for the selection of suitable products. Thank you in advance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order my product?
You can see all available products in the product overview. For this purpose, choose your delivery area first. Afterwards, you can enter the rent period and select if the product should be delivered or you fetch it by yourself. A click on "My Cart" starts the ordering process.
Can I order via phone?
Yes, please feel free to order via 05136 9759-408. Please note, that our phone support is only available from Germany.
Is delivery / pickup possible on weekends?
No, our partners are open Mo-Fr. One exception is Berlin where products can be delivered on 365 days of the year. In any case, please create your order at least 24 hours in advance.
How fast will the orders be processed?
All orders are processed within one working day. Afterwards, the supplier establishes contact with you to fix the date to fetch the appliance or when it should be delivered. Most often, the product is prepared on the same day - mark urgent orders with a short note in the "Additional Information" field during the order process.
How fast can products be prepared?
It takes one working day to prepare your product. In the general case, these products can be used the very next day.
What happens, if I need the product for a longer / shorter period of time than it was ordered?
That"s no problem at all. Simply contact our partner supplier that supplied the product for you, in order to adapt the rent period.
Ditto, if you need other products, just establish contact with your supplier!
How does the deposit work?
The deposit is paid by yourself when fetching the appliance or getting it delivered. After the rent period, you receive the difference between the rent costs and the deposit. If you are not able to receive the appliance by yourself, the deposit can also be transferred. Note that within the "Additional Information" field during the order process.
How much does the delivery cost?
The delivery costs are calculated after you entered the delivery address. The total costs are visible right before you submit the order. You can pick up your order yourself for free, of course.


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Our phone support is only available from Germany. Please note the information on the left, before your call.