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At we connect you as a customer with local retailers. With us you can easily rent your wheelchair or scooter for the entire country of Germany. There are also many other products to choose from.
Our configurator provides the local retailer with all the information they need to provide an optimally fitting wheelchair. This way we can ensure a quick order execution and you will receive your product in on time.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Rent wheelchairs and other medical aids in 3 simple steps online:

1. Choose

We offer a wide range of products.

2. Order

We guide you fast and simple through the order process.

3. Delivery

Your supplier delivers your medical aid, or you fetch it by yourself.

Delivery to your Hotel

If you need your medical aid during travel, we can arrange for delivery to your hotel.

Just enter the address of your hotel and your name during order. Please be aware that you need to be present during delivery to pay the deposit. Alternatively you can contact us to arrange payment via Wire Transfer.

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Payment Methods

At MeinHilfsmittel you're ordering directly from one of our partners. This is why you pay directly on delivery or when picking up your medical aid.

Payment on pickup is possible with cash or card. On delivery, only cash payments are possible.

You pay the deposit at the beginning of the rent. On return of the medical aid, you bill be refunded the difference between your deposit and the rent cost.

For Example:

  • You are renting a Wheelchair for 2 days, costing 28€ in rent.
  • The deposit for the Wheelchair is 200€. You would be paying this amount when picking up the product. There are additional costs for the delivery, these are calculated by distance.